Why don’t you be real, app?

Security guard tired of whistling at the Hyundai i10 QuickRide waiting for a fellow passenger
People on phone waiting for their cab or poolcar, and poolcars and cabs waiting for other people on phone.

An app can’t be solving a real-world problem virtually.

Ola app designating pickup points in ride share.
People aspire and look up to these business models. Picture Credit

Airbnb should not boast about their user experience if spy cameras is the experience that customers get.

One of the many chats I have with Zomato

With delivery services, why doesn’t Zomato realise that the delivery boys are now the face of the company?

User experience cannot be confined to the virtual boundaries of the 2 dimensional glass surface in the palm of our hands, we are real people, our experiences are real. Deal with them.



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Aditya Aserkar

Aditya Aserkar


Procrastinator by profession, facetious by talk. Traveller, wanderer. Musician, writer. Engineer, Designer. Not in that order. www.adityaaserkar.in