Why CAA+NRC might not be a good idea.

The population of India is 31 million, doesn’t sound right?

This video deals with how other documents where taxpayers money has been spent, is not a proof of citizenship. Even voterID, through which people voted this govt. is not a proof of citizenship.

Genocide Watch

Indian Intelligence Bureau (IB) & Research and Analysis Wing (RAW)

Nobel Laureats

IAS Officer

United Nations

United States Senate


Indian National Congress

P. Chidambaram
Kapil Sibal
Sashi Tharoor

Communist Party

Kanhiya Kumar
Putting Yogendra Yadav under this heading, apologies.

Ex BJP Member of Parliaments

Centrist journalists

Shekhar Gupta

Left leaning journalists

Ravish Kumar
Dhruv Rathee
Devdutt Pattniak

Right leaning journalists

International media

Protesting people’s voice

Financial Implications

Arvind Kejriwal


The stories of violence on students and protesters has been left out of scope for this article.

The pro-bjp premise that the millions who are out on the street protesting with half-baked understanding of the Act is not in scope for this article. The worse premise— they are instigated by the spineless Congress itself is a disgrace to them who jeopardize their lives and brave lathi-charge, tear gas, definite detainment and arrest, and possible rape and death.

Jai Hind.

‘Protesters can be identified with their clothes’ — PM Narendra Modi [Protester displays Janeu, a sacred thread worn by upper class Hindus]



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