Why CAA+NRC might not be a good idea.

India passes a new law that promotes easier access of her citizenship to everyone except Muslims from three neighbors.

Aditya Aserkar
5 min readDec 22, 2019

The political scenario of India is so happening, that the article I wrote a few weeks ago has already become stale and now we are to look at new sets of problems facing the country. The more I try to run away from it, the more it stares back at my face. If you fancy reading it, it is linked at the bottom.

The population of India is 31 million, doesn’t sound right?

Well, times have been rough, India is burning 23 people have been killed in the past week by the time I click publish, mostly by police brutality.

Effectively after the CAA law has been passed, India is a country of only 31 million people who have their name proven in the NRC and are confirmed citizens of India. The rest of the 1.4 billion people, in effect all of us reading this, are illegal migrants. Till we prove through NRC that we are citizens of India. Might sound far-fetched. But protests are always towards future possibilities. The Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) is linked here. We can listen to Home minister of India talking about CAA and its links to NRC below.

This video deals with how other documents where taxpayers money has been spent, is not a proof of citizenship. Even voterID, through which people voted this govt. is not a proof of citizenship.

Any dissent is met with pro-bjp folks refuting random points. And every pro-constitution and secular human expending the energy and time to counter their views, squeezing that last ounce of hope that India as a whole is not yet a complete bigoted country. Hope. The stoic in me hates this. For our collective mental well-being, with the knowledge how majority of people around us are, I try this yet one more time.

But the point of this article is not to read my opinions, as I am effectively a no one in this entire fiasco. Granted I am privileged, but I would prefer if pro-bjp people listens to people who are much more educated than me, perhaps much more in a position of power and definitely much more influential. It is evident that they will immediately classify every single one of them as anti-national, even those who are not Indians to start with.

So I try to collate list of people/speeches/articles you should listen to. I urge any pro-bjp person to come up with similar rational list of influential and respected people in the public domain. Of course needless to say, bjp members do not count. This article might come off as a left leaning one, perhaps since most generally accepted intelligentsia happens to be that way, while the right paves the way for hyper nationalism.

Genocide Watch

Indian Intelligence Bureau (IB) & Research and Analysis Wing (RAW)

Nobel Laureats

IAS Officer

United Nations

United States Senate



Indian National Congress

P. Chidambaram
Kapil Sibal
Sashi Tharoor

Communist Party

Kanhiya Kumar
Putting Yogendra Yadav under this heading, apologies.

Ex BJP Member of Parliaments

Centrist journalists

Shekhar Gupta

Left leaning journalists

Ravish Kumar
Dhruv Rathee
Devdutt Pattniak

Right leaning journalists

International media

Not relevant to NRC, but relevant to India’s image in the world.

Protesting people’s voice

Financial Implications

If you still are hell bent on getting this act see the light of day, remember, we do not have the money to pay for it.

Arvind Kejriwal

All while,


and do try to take your citizenship test,

Since this might just be your new residence.

The stories of violence on students and protesters has been left out of scope for this article.

The pro-bjp premise that the millions who are out on the street protesting with half-baked understanding of the Act is not in scope for this article. The worse premise— they are instigated by the spineless Congress itself is a disgrace to them who jeopardize their lives and brave lathi-charge, tear gas, definite detainment and arrest, and possible rape and death.

Jai Hind.

‘Protesters can be identified with their clothes’ — PM Narendra Modi [Protester displays Janeu, a sacred thread worn by upper class Hindus]

If you are one of a privileged 79.8% Hindus within India, and yet feel like a minority, I would still urge you to talk to people from other religions, faiths, class and creed, bearing in mind the talks of the above people. Ask them if they feel safe.

In times like these, there will always be further readings. Do check this link which delves into every aspect of every argument with facts.

If you liked reading this much real-dystopian article, consider knowing how we didn’t reach here overnight. Consider reading:



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