Bus Bēkā

Chart showing footfall and profit. BMTC making one of the highest profits

Any govt expenditure that provide public benefit will provide a stimulus for development. That stimulus could be increase in condo apartments, stores, restaurants, new pockets of jobs, etc. They will then be followed by increasing the liveliness, and the spending capacity of that place. It will gradually increase the standard of living of the people. Thus, that is where the state/city will earn from, and not directly through the bus’s revenue system. Eventually it will increase the happiness quotient of the place.

5 Proposed bus routes for HSR to connect all 7 sectors and E-City, ORR, Koramangala
  • Orange. There is one ring service that runs around HSR, that facilitates people to move within HSR, and as a feeder to ORR.
  • Red. One bus route coming from silk board, and entering HSR, and again joining ORR at Agara.
  • Blue. Another bus route coming from silk board, and entering HSR, facilitating different sectors and again joining ORR at Agara from a different road.
  • Green. One route that comes from E-City, taking the periphery of HSR and connecting to the ORR skipping the dreaded silk board.
  • Black. One is a partial ring service that connects Koramangala and HSR which takes a loop inside HSR, thus can also be used for people to reach the ORR while of course aiming at people towards Koramangala.



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Aditya Aserkar

Aditya Aserkar


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