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Procrastinator by profession, facetious by talk. Traveller, wanderer. Musician, writer. Engineer, Designer. Not in that order.

Part two — Fail Fast, fail often.

What is Debt?

The pandemic is the debt we are paying to the failure of recognizing our damaging hyperconsumption, failure of preparing and foreseeing the largely abysmal healthcare. The next stronger mutations will be the debt to be paid by the world for the withholding of the IP rights. So now that each human being on the planet knows about debt in an experiential way, maybe there is a chance to be more empathetic towards talking about the what and hows of Design Debt.

What is Design Debt?

In the previous article for Part One, I attempted to talk about visualizing design debt from an interface. In…

Part One — Deconstruction of an interface

Its been over 6 months that this write-up is in my drafts and I have been procrastinating on finishing it. And as a matter of fact, that is one of the prime examples of how debt is created. So I finally sit down this weekend, washed my hands for 20 seconds and opened my laptop.

If you are a designer who is trying hard to make structural changes, and the product management says, that is too expensive, or worse, “But, we’ve always had it this way!”, yes you are headed in straight in this trench of design debt.

‘But, we’ve…

version Umpteenth

Yes, this is yet another post that talks about the organisation of an organisation. This is not my forté, so most of the things in this write-up are solely through empirical knowledge, some years of observation, introspection, my love towards spatial design, thousands of hours of cribbing over team silos, and of course the self-aware narcissism of a being a designer. Now that the disclaimer is out of the way, let us see what has been happening in the space design of offices and how it is known to affect work.

Perhaps we start with a Vox video, awesome as…

Recent JNU fee hike in India, has stirred the country into two camps. We shall unpack on why.


The uproar of Indian masses started from Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU) protest. As of publishing, students have been beaten by rods inside of the University with their skull cracked open all while police watched. Police has allegedly switched off the street lights so that the terrorists cannot be identified or spotted.

Not unprecedented. JNU has been the hotbed for political stances since perhaps its inception. This time, the issue is of the fee hike. The revised norms are as shown in the following image.

This is a time when the sources are questioned more than the content, hence feel free…

India passes a new law that promotes easier access of her citizenship to everyone except Muslims from three neighbors.

The political scenario of India is so happening, that the article I wrote a few weeks ago has already become stale and now we are to look at new sets of problems facing the country. The more I try to run away from it, the more it stares back at my face. If you fancy reading it, it is linked at the bottom.

The population of India is 31 million, doesn’t sound right?

Well, times have been rough, India is burning 23 people have been killed in the past week by the time I click publish, mostly by police brutality.

Which side do you drive your interface on?

The other day I think I came across something that further opened up my thought process as a designer.


Creating an interface for a healthcare application aimed at easing the workflow for a CT Scan for a radiologist and/or technician.


The use-case was such that the user needed to select the type of patient — adult or child, in case that information was not already available. The user can then select a body part of the selected adult and/or child that has to be scanned.


The resultant interface looked something like this.

The child on the left and the adult on the right.


Testing this with the user I got to…

The most successful thing you can do in this country is to leave it.

This line was said in a stand-up by Punit Pania and rings in my head constantly like a pricking gong. While my upbringing and education has always taught me to take an a look at the larger picture and most importantly be self aware and empathetic to all those humans or animals who can’t speak out, most of our citizens clearly haven’t. Clapping and celebrating the misery of our fellow citizens because they chose to believe a different imaginary being that you. I feel no shame in admitting that because of being an upper caste Hindu man, I was able…

A day for the Earth

Earth Day. A day for the Earth. I think there would be a fancy figure of speech somewhere in those words. The Earth, who has given us everything, we are giving Her one day? One whole day? Isn’t that too generous? Oh, Earth Hour is it? OK. (*Indian head nod)

So this is fairly a new found hobby initiated in me by someone whom I’m indebted to — gardening. Growing up in a govt. township in Mumbai I’ve always been surrounded by plants. Being a fertilizer township, their horticulture game was top notch. When I was young(er), we even…

Anthropomorphising for care

Photo by NASA on Unsplash

Mother Earth. Such love in just these two words. You can literally hear Sir David Attenborough’s voice as you see the slo-mo breeze blowing through trees and birds chirping just as you read it.

When did we start personifying the Earth? Mother Earth?

Since childhood, this personalisation has led this thought in my head:

Thousands of years ago, we people sure knew to respect Mother Nature. We were powerless then. We were small, didn’t even know how to talk and stand up straight. Mother cared for us equally as She did for our other animal siblings. Some of our…

User study conundrum

Photo by Alvaro Reyes on Unsplash

Like most of my articles and posts, this one too talks about the variations in the needs of the user and what the user is sold. What is different this time is what I have been putting under the rug all these years. Why are the needs of the user themselves skewed? Why is then our interpretation of them even more skewed? Also, Why am I stressing on the word sold?

It is really strange that we ‘techies’ crib about the problems faced with Zomato food delivery, or Uber location not catering to the actual needs, and all of…

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